Is Laravel App Development helpful for Big Enterprise?

Laravel is a PHP framework that thoroughly covers effective functionalities and features, thus Laravel development services are blooming in the market and further extending to be used for developing enterprise apps. Still, many of us have queries in our mind related to laravel app development for Enterprise.

Laravel App Development for Enterprise

The biggest question is, Can Laravel be used for big enterprise projects?

The answer is, of course, yes, but for clearer understanding,

in this article, we are describing some important and helpful points about big enterprise app development solutions using Laravel framework.

It is said that Laravel is suitable for every app that PHP is good for and from past few years laravel has been used for developing big enterprise apps. For a few reasons, Laravel is better at developing such big apps as compared to many other PHP offerings right now. Most important is Laravel’s Dependency Injection Container which is truly good.

Another reason to use laravel app development for Enterprise is, it has the only baked-in queue system out of many major framework in PHP and whenever we think about complex applications we consider background jobs processing which can be better implemented in Laravel.

Examples of some popular Laravel projects

some of the well-known websites and applications built using Laravel framework are:

  • Alison
  • Alfa coders
  • Barcharts,
  • com etc.

also, many video game websites such as Fallout 4 had their landing page on Laravel.

Have a look at some key benefits of Laravel app development which have made it popular and highly admirable:

Blade Template Engine

Laravel has its own template engine named as “Blade” using which you can write the plain PHP code in the templates. It is simple to use and one of the most powerful templating engines offered by the PHP frameworks.

“Homestead” Inclusion

Homestead is a packaged vagrant box which allows the developers to start the development work without actually installing HHVM, PHP, and the web server. With the help of Homestead, one can deliver apps with faster turnaround time.


A recently released feature of the Laravel which is a micro PHP framework allowing the web developers to create new APIs at the lightning fast speed. With Lumen, the development of Laravel based services has become quite easy.


the Expert Laravel developers are able to make a broad range of web apps using this framework, as it has equipped with unparalleled flexibility. The features such as inbuilt unit testing, readable & impressive syntax, and inherent database version control, makes it the best framework to be used for developing efficient and faster web applications.

Colossal Community Support

Laravel has the huge community support. The plethora of online resources where allows developers to find comprehensive learning guides and documentation helping them to overcome any problem encountered while using Laravel framework.

Now, let’s understand how to build big enterprise app with Laravel?

Consider following key points while developing app with Laravel framework

  • Before starting the Laravel app development for Enterprise, make sure you’re using a good session or cache or driver like Redis or Memcached on a server like Elasticache if you’re on AWS.
  • When exploiting Laravel, make sure you’re using a route:cache, config:cache, and composer dump-autoload –optimize.
  • To do easier scaling like if you need to add the second server, separate your database from your web-server, this is the best thing you could do.
  • Make use of Cloudflare to ensure better caching. Very few requests actually hit the real server, because the whole Laravel website is on heavy Cloudflare caching and it’s all static like documentation.

Note that, whether you are developing a mobile app or web application, the frameworks you choose will not automatically make your app amazing, in your actual code, the framework is going to be a much smaller concern.

The framework you select will perform routing, some caching, some database calls, session, but you have the responsibility to figure out the domain problem of your app, which is supposed to become more complicated than any other framework issue.


It’s not just about having the best framework while developing your big enterprise application, what you really need is the strategic approach, quality solution, and experienced developers. To make a big Laravel enterprise app, first ensure that you have a well-versed team of developers.

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Intervention Of Laravel For Businesses And Enterprises

Laravel development services

Laravel is a standout amongst the most well-known and advanced PHP frameworks for web applications with its expressive syntax. It is one of the most expressive and feature rich web application frameworks. Laravel application development eases out the common tasks of a majority of the web projects like that of authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. It is an effective tool for large robust applications.

Why Enterprises and businesses are opting for Laravel development services

The Laravel PHP system can create responsive and profoundly practical database driven web applications. It has a spotless API that enables an application to quickly begin sending messages by means of a neighborhood server or a cloud-based server. Laravel permits utilizing PHP code for database stockpiling and movement rather than SQL consequently allows the company to change the structure of the database.

SAAS applications are wiping out the requirement for installings and running softwares, associations can basically get to it by means of the internet. Multi-tenant Restful Laravel API for SAAS applications is the main Laravel application service benefit asked by the endeavors. A SaaS application development from Laravel gives includes that are advantages to every one of the businesses. The best components of Laravel SAAS are user impersonation, Subscription charging and invoicess, Teams and group charging, Announcements, two-calculate confirmation, Authentication and secret key reset and a great deal more.

Lets check out some of the advantages of using Laravel development services for business:

Quicker Development

Laravel is a particular structure framework that gives simple customization and setup handle, thus spares a lot of improvement time.

Expressive ORM

The object-relational mapping (ORM) controls the execution of savvy dynamic records to work easily with the database.

Inbuilt Libraries

Laravel has preinstalled object oriented libraries that have highlights like CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery) insurance, encryption, secret word reset and a great deal more.

Unit Testing

Laravel spares a considerable measure of testing time because of its inbuilt testing highlight. Laravel guarantees that new changes won’t bring about the breakage of anything.

Controlled Coding:

Laravel furnishes stress-free coding with a simple checking and support of the code. Laravel guarantees finest practices of code executions.

Smoother Migration:

The version control of laravel makes the movement procedure hassle free. Relocation of changes into some other advancement machine is simple with Laravel.

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Why to opt for Laravel web development from all the PHP frameworks?

Laravel development services

When we take a look at advanced web development needs, the way to success is performance with efficient, reusable and viable code, at the same time guaranteeing versatility. The most ideal approach to accomplish this is by utilizing a current, demonstrated PHP structure.

Web application frameworks are created to assist the developers for building intuitive applications utilizing a solitary programming language. A variety of systems is presented in the market with changed framework architecture. Designers can plan the component rich web applications by taking in the web application Frameworks.

Top 5 leading PHP frameworks:

  1. Laravel:
  2. Codeigniter
  3. Cakephp
  4. Symphony 2
  5. Yii 2

With so many options available to select from; the Laravel PHP framework is the ideal choice for business startups, small and medium enterprises because of the performance, usability, features and scalability it offers. Its unique architecture makes it possible for the developers to create their own infrastructure  as per the design of the application.

Being the newest framework; Laravel web development has exploded in popularity to be on the top of popular and widely used frameworks. Laravel is simple, easy to learn and supports rapid Laravel application development; with its own templating engine “Blade”.

Laravel system is based on more than 20 distinct libraries and is itself separated into individual modules. It embraces present day PHP standards, which enables engineers to construct particular, responsive and helpful web applications.

Features of Laravel loved by the users:

1. Object Oriented Libraries: the pre-installed and object oriented libraries Laravel has, cannot be found in any other PHP framework.

2. MVC Support: MVC architecture is known for its performance, better documentation and multiple built-in functionalities; Laravel supports MVC provides a clarity between logic and presentation.

3. Unit Testing: It runs several tests to guarantee that new changes done by designers don’t surprisingly soften anything up the application. It additionally makes it simple to compose unit-tests for claim code.

4. Template Availability: the inbuilt Laravel templates enable better content development. Widgets like JS & CSS code guides you in developing simple sections with different layouts. Laravel allows creating amazing layouts with dynamic content seeding by using its inbuilt lightweight templates.

5. Migration System For Databases: Laravel Migration doesn’t just gives the office to change the structure of database, however it gives us a chance to do as such utilizing PHP code rather than SQL. The Laravel Schema Builder enables us to make database tables and embeds segments or lists rapidly. One can consider it as a rendition control for your databases.

6. Powerful ORM (Object Relational Mapping): Laravel gives the Eloquent ORM which incorporates a basic PHP ActiveRecord usage which gives the designer a chance to issue database queries with PHP syntax as opposed to composing SQL code.

7. Artisan: Artisan is used to make a skeleton code, the database structure and fabricate their migration which turns out to be easy to deal with the database framework. Artisan even gives us a chance to make our own commands and do advantageous things. Ultimately, we can likewise perform Unit tests for our application through this.

These amazing functionalities have led to the popularity of Laravel framework. It is highly advisable to hire professional Laravel developers to get the right advantages. Work with an experienced Laravel web development company to get the suitable developers.

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