Intervention Of Laravel For Businesses And Enterprises

Laravel development services

Laravel is a standout amongst the most well-known and advanced PHP frameworks for web applications with its expressive syntax. It is one of the most expressive and feature rich web application frameworks. Laravel application development eases out the common tasks of a majority of the web projects like that of authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. It is an effective tool for large robust applications.

Why Enterprises and businesses are opting for Laravel development services

The Laravel PHP system can create responsive and profoundly practical database driven web applications. It has a spotless API that enables an application to quickly begin sending messages by means of a neighborhood server or a cloud-based server. Laravel permits utilizing PHP code for database stockpiling and movement rather than SQL consequently allows the company to change the structure of the database.

SAAS applications are wiping out the requirement for installings and running softwares, associations can basically get to it by means of the internet. Multi-tenant Restful Laravel API for SAAS applications is the main Laravel application service benefit asked by the endeavors. A SaaS application development from Laravel gives includes that are advantages to every one of the businesses. The best components of Laravel SAAS are user impersonation, Subscription charging and invoicess, Teams and group charging, Announcements, two-calculate confirmation, Authentication and secret key reset and a great deal more.

Lets check out some of the advantages of using Laravel development services for business:

Quicker Development

Laravel is a particular structure framework that gives simple customization and setup handle, thus spares a lot of improvement time.

Expressive ORM

The object-relational mapping (ORM) controls the execution of savvy dynamic records to work easily with the database.

Inbuilt Libraries

Laravel has preinstalled object oriented libraries that have highlights like CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery) insurance, encryption, secret word reset and a great deal more.

Unit Testing

Laravel spares a considerable measure of testing time because of its inbuilt testing highlight. Laravel guarantees that new changes won’t bring about the breakage of anything.

Controlled Coding:

Laravel furnishes stress-free coding with a simple checking and support of the code. Laravel guarantees finest practices of code executions.

Smoother Migration:

The version control of laravel makes the movement procedure hassle free. Relocation of changes into some other advancement machine is simple with Laravel.

Why you should hire Laravel developers from Excellent WebWorld:

  1. Skilled Laravel coders:

Hire skilled Laravel specialists from our dedicated team with intensive experience in PHP frameworks and expertise in Laravel development.

  1. Flexible Designs and Methodologies:

Get your Laravel website design as per your business profile. The designers will design the website after analysis the business requirements.

  1. Cost-effective hiring:

Working with Excellent WebWorld will never burn a hole in your pocket. We are known to provide the most reasonable costs for all kinds of projects.

  1. Secure websites

Our developers are skilled enough to develop secure websites from the attack of the hackers and viruses

  1. Multidisciplinary IT resources:

We provide all the latest tools and resources for agile testing of the project. The project will be tested on all the latest and popular platforms and devices.


Why to opt for Laravel web development from all the PHP frameworks?

Laravel development services

When we take a look at advanced web development needs, the way to success is performance with efficient, reusable and viable code, at the same time guaranteeing versatility. The most ideal approach to accomplish this is by utilizing a current, demonstrated PHP structure.

Web application frameworks are created to assist the developers for building intuitive applications utilizing a solitary programming language. A variety of systems is presented in the market with changed framework architecture. Designers can plan the component rich web applications by taking in the web application Frameworks.

Top 5 leading PHP frameworks:

  1. Laravel:
  2. Codeigniter
  3. Cakephp
  4. Symphony 2
  5. Yii 2

With so many options available to select from; the Laravel PHP framework is the ideal choice for business startups, small and medium enterprises because of the performance, usability, features and scalability it offers. Its unique architecture makes it possible for the developers to create their own infrastructure  as per the design of the application.

Being the newest framework; Laravel web development has exploded in popularity to be on the top of popular and widely used frameworks. Laravel is simple, easy to learn and supports rapid Laravel application development; with its own templating engine “Blade”.

Laravel system is based on more than 20 distinct libraries and is itself separated into individual modules. It embraces present day PHP standards, which enables engineers to construct particular, responsive and helpful web applications.

Features of Laravel loved by the users:

1. Object Oriented Libraries: the pre-installed and object oriented libraries Laravel has, cannot be found in any other PHP framework.

2. MVC Support: MVC architecture is known for its performance, better documentation and multiple built-in functionalities; Laravel supports MVC provides a clarity between logic and presentation.

3. Unit Testing: It runs several tests to guarantee that new changes done by designers don’t surprisingly soften anything up the application. It additionally makes it simple to compose unit-tests for claim code.

4. Template Availability: the inbuilt Laravel templates enable better content development. Widgets like JS & CSS code guides you in developing simple sections with different layouts. Laravel allows creating amazing layouts with dynamic content seeding by using its inbuilt lightweight templates.

5. Migration System For Databases: Laravel Migration doesn’t just gives the office to change the structure of database, however it gives us a chance to do as such utilizing PHP code rather than SQL. The Laravel Schema Builder enables us to make database tables and embeds segments or lists rapidly. One can consider it as a rendition control for your databases.

6. Powerful ORM (Object Relational Mapping): Laravel gives the Eloquent ORM which incorporates a basic PHP ActiveRecord usage which gives the designer a chance to issue database queries with PHP syntax as opposed to composing SQL code.

7. Artisan: Artisan is used to make a skeleton code, the database structure and fabricate their migration which turns out to be easy to deal with the database framework. Artisan even gives us a chance to make our own commands and do advantageous things. Ultimately, we can likewise perform Unit tests for our application through this.

These amazing functionalities have led to the popularity of Laravel framework. It is highly advisable to hire professional Laravel developers to get the right advantages. Work with an experienced Laravel web development company to get the suitable developers.

Get the innovative and trending Laravel development services and solutions customized for your business needs at Excellent WebWorld.

How mobile apps are gripping their roots into education industry?

I personally envy with the new generation, during my school days due to less presence of technology, I used to struggle a lot to learn each subject by attending the classes, finishing & submitting the project and assignment. To complete the summer vacation homework I used to visit all the local libraries possible. Today when we look back to our days of school we remember how difficult it was to mug-up so many subjects.
Another difficulty that we used to face is during the notes making in the lectures if you missed a small thing you missed the whole understanding of the topic.

It was so hard for the teachers to address the doubts of each student and at last, the only option left would be mugging.

How students can utilize technology for the education?

Technology has an impact on each part of the education whether it is preschool, primary, secondary or the university. The use of technology in education industry is to extract the most from each of these sections. Learning has become so easy due to the presence of technology that even toddlers can interestingly learn via mobile applications. All you have to do is install the app in your mobile or tablet and give it to them; they will learn the things in minutes which you cannot teach them in months. There is special educational app for ipad available which help in learning to identify and to count numbers, identifying colors, basic math.

The educational apps for kindergarten can develop creativity and logical thinking from the puzzles or educational app games available in play stores or app stores. Students of all age groups are utilizing technology to perform their best. App for university helps students in notes making and sharing. Students can write notes directly on mobile or tablet and publish to the class group so another student can view notes and take benefits. A student can also discuss their doubts directly in the same group. They can also involve their teachers in the discussion and have their doubts cleared. And all these features can be integrated into one single app for school students.

The benefits of technology for parents:

Today parents have no worry about their children’s study and security. They know each and every detail about their schools, studies, their programs everything. A notification is sent prior the arrival of the school bus to a child or the guardian. If the student doesn’t go to school parent will be informed about the absence of the student, school time table or exam schedule of the student will be notified to the parent. Even now the parents can see their students studying in their classrooms live using the mobile app. students can record the important lectures if they as not present in the class. Parents are reading various educational app blogs to know the benefits of educational apps. The apps for education industry are not limited to students or teachers only, parents can also use mobile app for learning various topics and can help their child.

How teachers can use technology?

Technology is changing the education industry in different ways it creates better communication between the students and teachers, it helps educational institute to run operations and it also helps teachers to interact with students and all these at one floor, on one single mobile app or web-based software. Well, that’s sound revolutionary.

Educational apps for teachers are providing interactive ways to teach even the most difficult topics and students are also learning easily. Today even when a student missed the topic they can learn it from the internet. There are so many websites and mobile/ tablet apps available on the internet having the tutorials, study materials or videos making learning easy. Now students can learn at their own pace. The additional resources like Online lesson plans, online video lectures, graphics and eBooks for students has introduced a new way to study. The parent teacher integration provided by these mobile applications is proved to be a better operating way for the school management systems.

Developers can create an educational app on different platforms for various education app ideas. iPhone educational apps are leading the app stores with educational apps for android on second. Due to high expectations of parents with educational apps, educational app development has become an important skill for developers. Developing educational apps for kids, the developers should keep in mind an interactive UI of the application.

Out of the curiosity some common questions that arise in our mind are:

  • Is technology really necessary in our education system?
  • How can the school systems be operated from the mobile application?
  • How schools manage so many students through one application?
  • How schools do so much through one application?
  • How schools can benefits from a mobile application?

Are you a student? A parent worried about your kid’s education? A teacher finding ways to make learning interactive? We have all these answers in our eBook.



Technology is Transforming Learning within the Classrooms


Technology has impacted the education industry profoundly. Institutes are adopting technology-driven teaching methods for establishing interactive and engaging learning culture. Providing quick access to information and adopting a collaborative approach, bringing students, parents, and teachers on the same platform, technology is enhancing overall learning & teaching experience.

A revolution has been introduced for both Teaching and learning. Teachers are using various tech-driven teaching methods to explain, interact, assign work, and check progress of students. While on the other hand, students are embracing technology for effective research and a better understanding of subjects. Use of tablets and eBooks in place of textbooks is resulting in improved students’ participation. The video lectures and 3D models help students visualize a concept in a better way. There are many prevalent technologies in the education industry, but not every technology should be incorporated by institutes or universities to get on the bandwagon of digital learning.

Every technology has a unique impact and you’ve gotta be wise to choose the best suitable one for your school or institute:

Smart boards:

Incorporating Smartboards in the classrooms helps in simplifying the learning process for students. The integration of a wide range of media like maps, graphs, videos, and images make it a useful tool for classrooms. The interactive nature of smart boards enable learners to share and participate in the instructional process. Teachers can use the variety of online resources to supplement their usual teaching method.

Augmented reality:

Augmented reality apps have transformed text-based classroom teaching into digital interactive content. Augmented Reality has added a different level of interaction for students by bringing their learning to life. Augmented flash cards are the best example, just point your device at the flash card and a 3D image of it will pop up on the screen.

Virtual reality:

Virtual reality is providing a three-dimensional environment for students. Our mind remembers more what we see than what we hear that is why Virtual Reality can be a useful tool for encouraging greater student engagement. Virtual reality is being highly used by medical students as surgery simulations. The students can practice new skills on the virtual patients available on the screen.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is changing how students learn, who taught them and where they can acquire basic skills. The Artificial intelligence software helps students learn at their own pace, ask the same doubt many times and providing the feedback on their work. All you have to do is integrate the software for activities like homework, tests, and quizzes and it will identify the concepts that are difficult for the students to grasp, and then guide them as a tutor.

Thrilled about the latest technologies impacting the education industry? You can check my blog to know more about these technologies and their impact on teaching and learning.

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The Invasion of Mobile apps in the Education Industry.

Today, we have a mobile app for food ordering, medical needs, beauty salons, automobiles and all the major industries. The education industry is no exception, the evolution of mobile apps and technology has greatly impacted the education industry. People are opting for mobile applications to simplify the way of learning and teaching.

Every educational institute is now looking for Mobile application development companies for custom educational mobile app development. The sole reason behind this increased adoption is ‘powerful engagement’ and ‘simplification of complex teaching’ that mobile apps can deliver. Integrating mobile applications with education is proven to be an effective step in building the relationship between technology and education. Students are utilizing the technology in the best way to make the most from the least. The app stores are full of mobile applications which provide features like notes making, notes sharing, video lectures, video tutorials etc.

The mobile applications for schools have made the task of school administrators easier because of the features like online payment of fees, notification of every event and push messages of the information regarding meetings or exam dates.

Excellent WebWorld is glad to introduce a school mobile app for St. Xavier’s school. The school was already having the website and was looking for an application for their students, parents and staff members. They wanted to offer a seamless experience to the parents, students and the teachers with different nationalities by translating the app into multiple languages.

So, we developed an app for the school, integrating unique features as per their requirements. The app provides a unique profile of each student as well as all the school-related information to parents and students. Every app user can access details about curriculum, latest news, attendance, calendar and leave schedules. The GPS integration of school transport provides the real-time location and a reminder to parents before the arrival of the school bus.

Our customized mobile app for school has following primary features:

  • QR based smart attendance

  • GPS location of school transport

  • Multiple language support

  • Leave application tracking

  • Latest news and updates

  • Online fee payment and receipt

Check our case study for a mobile app for St. Xavier’s school to know more.

Fascinated about the benefits of mobile apps in the education industry? Why don’t you give it a try? We are here to help. Contact Excellent WebWorld today to get into the future of education.

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How Technology is Leading the Transition Toward Personalized Classroom learning

Excellent WebWorld is glad to conduct a free webinar for educators (insert webinar landing link), teachers, and parents.

Are you still using traditional ways of teaching and learning? Do you know digital classrooms are attaining better student engagement than traditional classrooms?

In today’s digital era, technology is a necessity. Educators can use technologies in various ways to make classroom learning interactive and engaging. New models of teaching and learning are being introduced for improving students’ learning experiences like inquiry-based learning, blended learning, personalized learning and much more.

This webinar talks about the most beneficial model personalized learning. Personalized learning is customized learning based on each student’s strengths, needs, and interests. With a data-driven curriculum customized as per the need and requirement of the students, personalized learning is transforming the traditional teaching and learning methods. But being an educator, you might doubt the effectiveness of technology driven education in the classroom.

The debate about the impact of technology in the education landscape is never ending. Many Ed-tech fields see technology as a powerful tool to provide an unimaginable array of options to the students to tailor their needs and curiosity. While some educators worry about giving up their control to innovative tech driven teaching methods.

The major cities around the globe are utilizing the technology for the education, while on the other hand, there are a large number of institutes oblivious from the advancements in the educational field. So, Excellent WebWorld, a custom mobility solution provider for education industry, has planned the webinar to share insights about technology for education, its impact, and benefits. . A webinar to help educators, parents, and teachers learn how technology is helping the classrooms to transit personalized learning methods.

Why should you attend the webinar?

  • The webinar provides deep understanding of blended learning and personalized learning methods.

  • Interactive ways to implement blended learning and personalized learning methods to maximize student’s learning experience.

  • The role of technology and tools to establish the EdTech environment in the classrooms.

  • Amazing use cases from speakers to demonstrate the success and Impact of EdTech initiatives in schools.

The webinar is designed to educate people about latest best educational practices around the globe. Book your slot (insert webinar landing page link) for free webinar to know how personalized learning can improve student engagement. Login link will be emailed to you in advance of the webinar.

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New Trends in Education that are Transforming the Traditional Classrooms

Today we are living in a digital era; everyone’s life is influenced by the gadgets and technologies. And that is constantly improving our daily chores. The education industry is no exception with such penetration of technology.

EdTech has started gripping its roots and digital classrooms have now become the need of an hour. Though the transition from traditional to the digital classroom is slow, educators are exploring innovative methods to make the learning experience engaging and personalized.

Following are the latest trends and upcoming technologies in education that can help teachers be creative in their experiments with EdTech initiatives.

REAL (Rooms For Engaged And Active Learning): Today classrooms are getting digital; every classroom needs a customized design to utilize technological benefits of the digital education. Implementing smart boards and iPad doesn’t improve the rate of learning until the classroom is beneficial for each student.

MSU’s university has adopted innovative classroom designs to facilitate engaged and active learning called Rooms For Engaged And Active Learning (REAL). These classrooms have the infrastructure and special set-up purposefully designed for the lively interactions, better student-teacher engagement and engaged learning.


Microlearning is about considering the short attention spans of the learner and dividing the concepts into small chunks. Digital content is divided into various subcategories which are easily understandable.

Such content is quickly grasped and retained by students. With the use of interactive elements like videos, graphics, and engaging participative methods, such content become more effective. Microlearning allows learners to retain the information with ease.

Virtual reality:

Virtual reality allows participants to actively engage in the learning environment rather than being a passive recipient. The students can visit the valleys of the Indus or the Greek civilization or accompany Neil Armstrong on the first moonwalk by using augmented content.

The Titans of space application are the best example of VR in the education industry. The app provides a tour of planets and solar system helping students learn about the universe in an interactive manner.

Personalized learning:

Personalized learning is customizing the teaching methods of a class based on each student’s interest, needs, and strengths. It focuses on the flexibility of the educational model to allow students to learn at their own pace.

Students can only move forward towards other skill or concept after developing a deep understanding of one concept. Students can divide their time according to the complexity of the topics. They can quickly cover up the easy concepts and then utilize that time to learn the difficult parts.

The debut of technology in the classrooms has redefined the roles of educators and learners. The combination of educational resources and technology in schools and universities is revolutionizing teaching and learning methods. But the transformation is at the nascent stage.

If you are planning to get on the bandwagon of EdTech, you’ve got lucky here. Attend our webinar that connects educators with latest technologies and help them in establishing an engaging digital EdTech environment in their classrooms. Join our webinar to get an insight into the future of education.

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