Android versus iOS: Clear your mind to select a platform for your business application

iOS app developmentHaving an application for any business is proved to be essential, but to decide the platform is a tough job. Whether it is Android or iOS each platform has its own feature and importance. Businesses are confused about selecting the right audience to get the best investment for their money in order to get best marketing for their brand. Consider the following comparison to select which platform to opt for the mobile applications.

Revenue model

Google and apple are representing their approaches by the revenue models of Android and iOS. The number of paid apps in ios is the reason for generating more revenue where comparatively android supports higher percentage of ad-supported apps.


Android has largest platform share focusing on lower incomes and developing countries while iOS users have higher income, higher education level and can spend more on app. This doesn’t indicate that people with higher incomes don’t have android phones.


There are hundreds of devices that use android which make the device fragmentation for the android worse. While in comparison there are limited numbers of devices supporting iOS following the strict guidelines of how to interact with each other. Apple has total control over its software and devices by designing its hardware and software by its own. iOS app development is cheaper due to investment in art resizing and testing costs.

Design guidelines

The clearer guidelines provided by Google means that android developers have to work hard to keep-up. Google gives more guidance and documentation for material design as a result android comes on the top. While iOS design is less clearly defined and it generally involves the use of negative spaces, large images and transitions.

Tablet apps VS iPad apps

iOS is dominating tablet market it is a proven fact especially for business users. It’s common that a person with android smart phone uses an ipad as their tablet. Android tablets are not professionally used for businesses. You will have to work hard to find a tablet in a meeting room.

Enterprise apps

The more locked-down iOS compared to open android has pushed iOS to be known as the more secure option. Mobile device management providers are managing iOS devices and apps by their more sophisticated tools. The iOS developer enterprise program and its volume purchase program helped iOS in focusing businesses.

When to choose android first

If you are targeting for audience by focusing on developing nations especially or urban environments then android can work. Android apps also works well when you want full control overall hardware and software elements, or you want to customize an element of Android’s operating system which is not available on iOS. Then android goes well.

Still confused about which platform to select? Feel free to drop us any query related to iOS or Android app development. We are free to help with our experience and expertise in mobile app development.

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