Do you want a platform independent and fast mobile app for your business?

Presently, every business startup is looking for a mobile app to enter into digital world. But having a mobile app is not enough. The app should be platform independent i.e. it should be capable to run on any OS. The next major requirement is faster response. In today’s busy world no one has time to wait; if your app doesn’t respond quickly then people will not use it.

Did you know the reliable way to get your application fast and platform independent?

The answer is using ionic framework. Ionic is an open source SDK mobile app framework for hybrid mobile app development. By using tools and services of ionic and web technologies like HTML5 and CSS, hybrid apps are easily built. Ionic apps help in accessing code of third-party, speed of development and saving the time. Ionic for app development is an effective framework for any industry.

Have a look at the latest features of ionic:

  • Navigation

    Ionic2 treat all the pages same, so there will be no problem in navigating from one page to another. The pages are not tied with the URLs.

  • Simpler and standardized

    Ionic2 gives simpler and standardized way of building JavaScript apps.

  • Side-menu upgrade

    In ionic1 it was difficult to use multiple side menus. But ionic2 has resolved the problem now you can open as many menus you want to open; you can enable or disable any menu from anywhere.

  • Platform continuity

    Ionic2 gives the best look and feel feature; the visual concept of the application will not change even when the platform is changed.

  • Theme-up easily

    Ionic2 will give you a set of “starter colors”; the components will change the style according to the color selected by you.

The work of developer is not limited to development of the application. There is maintenance or corrections even after the launching. We will be there for any support you want in future. Ionic app development for android and ios is a dynamic market and requires optimization within short periods.

Clear about using ionic framework for your project? Contact us for best support and services in ionic mobile app development.

We have a proof of our work in our portfolio


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