Did you know angular2.0 is released?


Angular was already wining the market since 2010 now angular2.0 is also released by Google. Due to modern browsers compatibility issues angular was lagging. Now has made a praiseworthy come back with best ever features and support. The new features of angular2.0 are the reason of 2 year long wait to give the best ever functionality.

Angular2.0 has best support for the modern browsers and mobile development. It has better flexibility and modularity that enables the usage of third party library. The team is also providing more guides and examples for the developers to help them learn angular2.0 faster. Angular2.0 is component based; the controllers are now replaced by components and directives. It is written in typescript and has ES6 specifications. With the improved dependency object model there is more opportunities for component/object-based work.

Why Angular2.0 will create a new league in web developing:

  • Simple and powerful template syntax.
  • Intelligent code completion and instant error resolution.
  • Modern web capabilities to deliver app-like experience.
  • Build native mobile apps with strategies from ionic framework, nativescript and reactnative.
  • Ability to access native OS APIs.
  • The applications will run faster due to new component router that delivers code splitting. So that developer will only load the code required to render the view they request.
  • Create animations with little code through its intuitive APIs.

Now you must be thinking of upgrading your website or mobile application with angular2.0. Don’t worry be are here for you. The team at excellent web world will upgrade your existing project. If you are thinking of a new website or mobile application with angular2.0 then also we will develop it for you. Our developers are well proficient in developing websites across all the industries.

Impressed with angular2.0? Start your project today with excellent webworld.


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